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Symposium Presentations: Enhanced Care with Advanced Imaging

Radiology Ltd. holds an annual symposium to thank and help educate the local physician community about radiology and medical imaging.
Here you can find a collection of presentations from previous symposiums.

Coronary Artery Imaging with Computed Tomography – A Primer for the Clinician – Imaging 2023
Matthew LeComte, M.D.

Mammogram MythBusters – Imaging 2023
Marcus Dill-Macky, M.D.


Liver Imaging- Tailoring Studies to Meet Clinical Needs – Imaging 2023
Ryan Beckett, M.D.


Prostatic Artery Embolization – Imaging 2023
Jason Hanley, M.D.


Imaging the Male Breast- Imaging 2022
Matthew L. Bell, M.D.

Next Generation of Prostate Imaging- Imaging 2022
Jason Wright, M.D.